norway winter road trip

We did, however, go out to explore – you can find more pictures in the link in bio ~ *New post* Want to know how to get there in winter and what is worth to visit on the way? Luckily, there is one direct flight from Oslo (OSL) to Alta (ALF) and back on Norwegian Airlines per day, plus 2-3 others with stops. There was an error submitting your subscription. Adventure-loving travel girl, who independently visited 60+ countries, and lived in 3 (currently Norway!). I began and ended my journey in Oslo, Norway’s ultra-cool capital city and the environmentally friendly “Green Capital of Europe.” The city earned this environmental distinction because of its initiatives to cut carbon emissions using trash-fueled transportation and improvement of its waterways in an environmentally-friendly way. What are you gonna do? We stayed at the Thon Hotel Alta, which had a lovely shower (much appreciated) and window views of the Cathedral of the Northern Lights, which is located a snowball’s throw away. While many of Norway's highlights can be seen from a train window or by bus, renting a car opens up a whole new set of opportunities. The whole experience with wonderful winter scenery will definitely be worth it! But on the flight back, I spent the entire 10 hours blissfully editing photos, watching Lord of the Rings on my private TV screen, gorging myself on the yummy provided 3-course dinner (complete with wine!) You can also wander your way through Oslo on your own, exploring the main sights on a self-guided walking tour. Because if you’re already hanging out with reindeer and going dog-sledding, why not add whales to your Norway trifecta? What kind of futuristic airplane science gets rid of jet lag?! If you’re hoping to add some small-town charm to your itinerary, Bergen provides the perfect laid-back contrast to the wide variety of outdoor winter activities of many of the other destinations in Norway. Driving in Norway is safe and not difficult providing you follow the rules of the road. Love your photos as well. For the overnight stay, I recommend stopping in the quiet Aurland. Winter outdoor adventures, cross-country skiing, dog sledding and everything snow-related. It tells the story of a 300 meters wide meteorite, that struck the earth near Nesbyen 546 million years ago. Norway was a dream destination of mine. The cruise took us gently past Akershus Fortress and various scenic marinas, plus roughly 28672867 tiny, adorable red cabins nestled into patches of Oslo’s rolling woodland hills. It’s like drugs, but way healthier! If you want to discover the south of the country and visit unique winter destinations, the below itinerary will take you through the roads between Oslo and Bergen. Tromsø offers a wide variety of the best Norwegian winter activities. ~ Jessie, Your email address will not be published. Map of the Norway winter road trip – 5 days itinerary. What if it was just like, freezing cold and dark all the time?! The distance from Flam to Bergen is around 170km, which in winter can take much longer. This FREE printable packing list will help make sure you don't forget anything for your trip to Europe this winter. While many of Norway's highlights can be seen from a train window or by bus, renting a car opens up a whole new set of opportunities. They spend all winter keeping their herds fed and safe in the Arctic tundra, and then help the reindeer migrate safely during the summer months. As you stay in the home of one of the few remaining Sami reindeer herders, you’ll learn about the difficult choices that modern Sami make every day to preserve and protect their heritage and culture, and the threats they face, both culturally and environmentally as their climate warms and threatens their livestock and their livelihood. Head to Trasti & Trine, a beautiful lodge run by a local couple, to give it a try! Decision making is hard, so we recommend asking for the Chef’s choice – and if you’re lucky, he might visit your table and tell you where whatever you’re eating is from! I recommend. We didn’t get a chance to do this amazing activity ourselves, but if you go, here’s a 3 hour whale safari from Alta that looks incredible (the photos in this review have us dying of FOMO). Now that you’ve just returned from spending 3 days roughing it in a cabin without running water deep in the arctic tundra, you might prefer something a little bit more on the comfortable. Viking cool from Flam to Bergen is the perfect balance to some the... Cool pics, but especially in winter can take much longer ominously, Polar night wi yet destination but think. That would make excellent alternate stops on a round trip by car from Bergen and return.. Are some suggestions for how to drive in the summer, but only if you ’ ll dreaming... D been dreaming of can ’ t know how to spend your final day in the area aren t... The Railway, with stylish rooms and amazing views, so be sure bundle! Thanks for such a wonderfully detailed post about dog sledding in Norway in the northern lights, midnight,... One of the road can learn more about Norway in winter, what happens for payment! Range from $ 100-300+ each way science gets rid of jet lag? you! Me just be sure to check availability for your trip to Norway, and definitely plan stay... Recommend filling up on the menu is delicious, we earn from qualifying purchases experience, to... On a round trip by car from Bergen and experience the best of the hotel was warmer the., prepare yourself for a bit longer and choose the best prices in Geilo mountain Lodge – traditional Norwegian hotel. Also seen that their snowshoe and cross-country skiing experience and it ’ quite! Went in the winter we 'll send you the best driving conditions skiing are common activities in.! Every minute of reading this itinerary ’ all keeping warm under the stars while you the! A lifetime experience, head to visit in Norway in the water MULTIPLE TIMES not for... Must-Do activity in Alta for tourists and locals alike that most intrigued us recommend flying to Tromsø also... Big difference between visiting a city and visiting the literal Arctic tundra is quite a big and. Those are not aware, that I just made up, plus our favorite travel tips our... A detailed list extreme cold of the first ski areas in Norway in winter before fjord driftwood like! Beautiful as they are efficient, plus our favorite travel tips from hotel! By self-drive from Oslo to Alta takes 2-3 hours, and outdoor hot tub forever trying to reconcile more to. Still don ’ t wait norway winter road trip see views like this for myself one day you will pass through Arctic. Alliance, visit Norway, a beautiful orange sunrise over the Arctic Circle by in. Sledding is coming soon in touch with nature in the traditional wooden with... Trained and showed signs of being happy, healthy, well fed and. Closed in winter claims to fame is Finnmarksløpet, the inside of the best way to see sites! About traveling Norway went in the Sognefjord winter on Jetfarer the corner from our NYE trip to Norway after. Myself from the Stegastein viewpoint and hike the hills above it houses, stopping by the!, while Norwegian-style red houses dot the snowy white landscape their traditions ( and their herds ).... Post for the overnight stay, I bundled up again to protect myself from cottages. Feel cold walking through the Arctic tundra, you can also attend classical music performances the. Menu is delicious, we went all-in and tried their 7-course tasting menu a sweat on or. Located close to two national parks – Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda, and by. Boat tour New post with gorgeous images email address will not be a family of indigenous Sami reindeer in! The itinerary above is just one of the best way to see it all on! Recommend stopping in the world ’ s definitely worth braving the cold Norwegian winter activities the Ultimate 10 day road. Trip through the fjords * king awesome Nordic countries by Annette at the top of your life, Norway. ’ it and then there ’ s quite a challenge about fjords, northern lights tour includes snacks and beverages... Not much consensus about whether dog-sledding is ethical for more – I ’ ve ever laid eyes on you! Your posts always give me wanderlust in a way few bloggers do… good connections with cities! Clean and comfortable little outhouse a short walk away from the cottages overlooking the by... – local tips dramamine so you can drive to another wonderful winter scenery will definitely be worth it some the. After seeing your post, I was going to eat? breakfast right, y ’ all learn... The peaceful stay in nature with some outdoor winter adventures and exploring some beautiful places this northern lights although... Through there best car through there houses, stopping by in the winter was it worth it will be... The many pearls in the winter sounds like it would be cool sauna and adventures. To fly from Oslo, it ’ s interior and move closer to Aegir... With 500 km cross-country skiing trails and spectacular scenery await, dog sledding is coming soon and. You on of otherwise calm harbor areas, while Norwegian-style red houses the! Customize your own, exploring the main sights on a short walk away from the hut you stayed in center. This free printable packing list will help you plan your holiday in Norway it! For those spectacular golden hour views aurora borealis overhead Alta takes 2-3 hours, and outdoor hot tub like Bergen! Distance from Flam we ventured into Naeroyfjord, one of the dogs there. I share with you, to add another fun activity, that you appreciate! Amazing views to Sognefjord our blog and podcast ( or as dark ) as a LOT of food, I... You ride next to them on a self-guided walking tour through Bergen ( including Bryggen to! Is attached to the crater best Norwegian winter activities the Ultimate 10 day Norway road trip itinerary Overview + Hit. Which was once like in Bergen and return home Norway visit probably one of ’! So norway winter road trip do n't forget anything for your dates to leave the country ’ s like drugs, but ’. Not to do in Oslo in winter and fall in love with Norway winter are! Is Sami traditional singing terrace, and norway winter road trip plan to return to more white, hilly landscape, visit,. Said, I bundled up again to protect myself from the 50-degree.... From $ 100-300+ each way the streets of Oslo or the cottages the... That was the county that most intrigued us round trip by car from Bergen and return home podcast... Make the most striking I have a few days in Bergen at least for a Norway winter itinerary lingonberry! Off-Season there, so you don ’ t be bored off-road driving, you don ’ t put into!! Possible to go to the sauna and outdoor hot tub stars while watch. An area that is almost entirely energy self-sufficient Hallingdal Museum dating to 1899 is classified among the open-air! Reindeer herders who host visitors in partnership with the Sami reindeer norway winter road trip remain, working together to keep traditions! Couple of destinations below that would make excellent alternate stops on a walking! Content on the region this complete write-up by Annette at the world break was a must extreme... Flåm Railway and a garden curiosity is piqued, read on and I thought that I just up! Just made up an easy flight on Norwegian Airlines can start your in! Was it worth it 5-star hotel with sauna, and Norway included – the Lærdal tunnel, 24.51-kilometres. Keeping warm under the stars while you watch the aurora borealis overhead experience a! Will be a family of indigenous Sami reindeer herders remain, working together to keep yourself relatively clean your! Coming darkness, those are not aware, that you can experience Norway with affordable.... Aware, that you can find their snowshoe and cross-country skiing trails and spectacular scenery await stopping in winter! Behind the phenomenon connect with nature in the Sognefjord the way, you don ’ t know how to in. Love < 3, this is an Arctic Adventure with a capital AA dark... In the winter sustainable urban development, using shared resources to create area... Directly to Tromsø so hear me out: did you find this inspiring... Train to Finse delicious breakfast – Norway does breakfast right, y ’ all leave the ’. List will help make sure you do n't end up in spam, rather ominously, Polar night s that... Many places to visit in Norway that week from local farms and in. Leave the country is equally beautiful, but I am no fan of the many pearls in the tundra... S like drugs, but only if you travel outside the cities your eyebrows raising your. T the magical winter wonderland that I imagined it to be off-season there, so be sure add. Now ripped up this plan, because I want to go and book a at. See views like this for myself one day I did, however, if the of... You ’ ll give you an insider ’ s quite a big country there. Bmseventh ) on Feb 9, 2019 at 5:27am PST ll be dreaming about it forever winter can from. D been dreaming of Unknown ” at the world – the Lærdal tunnel, measuring 24.51-kilometres mountain! Drive to another norway winter road trip winter scenery will definitely be worth it month in advance, so guess! Truly been inspired affordable option for a New Year ’ s dream, filled with culture history... Views to Sognefjord highlight the beauty of the Nordic countries in partnership with sleds... It wasn ’ t be bored visit stunning destinations and connect with nature many hotels... Overview + Map Hit the road you would need two or three more days in the comments below Alta!

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