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This is an episode not to be missed! 2. Unfortunately, the alarm blares and in the aftermath, they all share astounded looks saying, You had one too? Still a good episode though! Actress Song Ji Hyo is a beautiful and talented woman, but sometimes the other cast members forget to appreciate her fully since they see her every week. Thankfully, Kwang-soo is suspicious as well and he’s careful to turn his back towards Jae-suk, trying his best to keep his tone as light as possible as he tries out his name tags on the door. There have been over 7 billion episodes viewed on Episode so far, which adds up to over 97,000 years of combined viewing time! Many of them have been excellent, but some of them have been truly ground-breaking television events. The other members really had no chance. View Slideshow. I liked this episode. Kwangsoo was infected by the virus and spent the remainder of the episode in a complete “rage,” giving the viewers some of the most entertaining moments of the entire episode. Starsky even confronts the hit man's target and turns to the media for help. It doesn’t work. No biggie, right? A deadly virus has hit varietyland that rids the world of all happiness and laughter and throwing it into raging pandemonium. He manages to tear off a name tag and pluck the ID off of the “dead” scientist before the security guards arrive. Then again, even though most of the agents have an ID card on their person, they all keep it hidden from each other. I personally feel that Running man is best when they are'nt any guests around, its no longer is about how popular the guest is or what new country they travel to, just the 7 running man members and an awesome theme Each member will need to pass a qualification to fight the virus. Directed by Bob Kelljan. Jae-suk points out that it’s a virus they’re fighting – why else would the speakers say that someone was “infected”? G and Sam, undercover as Chippies, continue to pursue certain dirty cops; they meet the head man and his goons, whom Eric IDs; G and Sam encounter a major problem and lose their bikes, but the team grab the bad guys and a chick physicist. They brought four gorgeous young men to be on her team- Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun of CNBLUE, Lee Kikwang of BEAST, and rapper Simon D. From their hysterical race on the beach to an entertaining game of dodgeball, this was one of “Running Man’s” classic episodes. We must admit that he is one of the most important member. S1, Ep1 ... her son needs to get married before the age of 25 or otherwise his life will be in trouble. Then she eliminates both Spartakooks and Suk-jin and mouths an apology to her castmates at the camera. Unfortunately, not all episodes are created equal. He doesn’t believe her when she insists repeatedly: “It was just me! He reasons that someone is trying to frame him, running around tainting his character name. or Seeing world stars like Rain and Woo Bin dressed up like kangaroos, Lee Kwang Soo teaching the innocent Kim Woo Bin how to cheat in order to win, and Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin attempting to thread beads despite their absolute terror on a small plane ride over the ocean. But just then they hear sounds of birds. In all honesty he's not too entertaining beyond his Commander persona which I've made no secret I find overplayed a bit. I seriously thought it was Haha, till it was revealed that Jihyo was the traitor! So Ji-hyo breaks into the lab before anyone else and swipes both the vaccine and a copy of the Anger Virus. Perhaps it’s because we don’t hear Gary’s elimination announced over the speakers but it’s safe to say that the Ace did it all on her own. Furthermore, his loud shouts of fury is likely to draw attention, so Ji-hyo figures that she’s better off leaving him behind. But poor Kwang-soo just wants to know what’s going on so she fills him in. But they zero in on the fact that he has a water gun on his person and now Jae-suk admits the (half) truth: it’s his job to eliminate one of them. // Load the SDK asynchronously Check it out. Episode 1 Running Man (2018) Korean Variety. 4. Sheesh, I started watching only a few months back and even u can see that. When she is not listening to K-pop or obsessing over the perfection of Lee Donghae, she is busy at church or hanging out with her family and friends. Some of the funniest moments occur when their world-famous guests get absolutely covered in mud while playing a game in a flooded field. Mereka adalah Cheon Sung-moon, Han Ki-beom, Han Min-gwan, Jo Woo-jong , Kim Ok-jeong ( ibu Haha), K.Will, Lee Jong-hyuk, dan Seo Ji-seok. But I’m in stitches watching everyone else order their items in a rushed high-pitched “happy voice” and run back with a mixed normal/heliuminated voice combo. saying he let the others win. Man forced to quarantine in ghost town with gruesome past ... and the virus currently wreaking havoc on it. Meanwhile, Kwang-soo throws himself into this reality, trying his best to keep his anger symptoms at bay. Cool Cast. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Gary immediately steps backward in suspicion just like Ji-hyo did. Connect with Facebook Since it was the end of the year, the “Running Man” members go to a meeting with a producer and complain about the rough treatment during the past year. It just ended with like no conclusion. International episodes. Although it’s impossible to choose the absolute best episodes, these are a few that fans love. Now the question is – how did Haha manage to eliminate the others without a water gun? Episode 1 New Journey to the West 8 (2020) Korean Variety. when Jo PD refers to him as Yoomes Bond and he isn’t happy to hear that someone has been running around tainting his good name by infecting others with the Anger Virus. She is so great at acting. Haha waits until everyone leaves to sneak up to the door. Oho, so Haha and Ji-hyo were right after all! But wait – there’s always a twist. The band came to the show as part of their promotional activity for their new album. ", Anyway, i got it all wrong too! Wolipop Jumat, 13 Mar 2020 10:02 WIB plus Yoomes bond ROCKS :). Who would have thought that Lee Kwang Soo could make such an attractive woman? Storyboards Don’t ever say that you are into Korea if you don’t watch nor know about Running Man!Yup, Running Man is a very popular variety show that was aired on July 10th, 2010. Gary doesn’t know a thing!”, She gripes that SHE was the one who did all the work – is it fair that Jae-suk can just swoop in like that and take credit? Unfortunately, the security guards show up to break up this party. As Hutch fights for his life when quarantined with a deadly virus, Starsky continues the search for the only hope of a cure, an elusive hit man who recovered from the disease. It’s up to our Running Man agents to save mankind and procure the last remaining vaccine. “I thought there was something in your pocket!” is what they all say. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Just like how there can be several strains of a virus, a copycat could pin you as the original carrier. You could already tell who the winner was gonna be. Then there’s Spartakooks who waits for his food in silence, saving his voice until he needs it. Haha.. Even Cho PD said that if he need to choose someone that he like, he choose KJK not YJS or LKS. Although this three-episode special got off to a slow start, it became really entertaining as events unfolded. Ah, so Jong-kook’s strategy is hold his breath and then “recharge” with helium gas just before running back to Myuk PD with his item. This is variety at its best – everything just sounds funnier in a high-pitched voice and now everyone’s voices squeak like chipmunks. Don’t believe me? 2! whatever happened to jailtime shots? Anything is possible at this point. Is it enough for you to sit down with your spoon like that!”. }; The cast members all have a witty sense of humor, a fierce sense of competition, and a great relationship with each other. They’re sent out to buy various food items, armed with the only effective defense weapon: helium gas. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { The more we look around this place, the more this theory starts to makes sense. Our agents will need to procure this to save humanity before their enemies do. When he runs into Ji-hyo, he casually asks her about Jong-kook’s elimination. The good news is that our cast isn’t infected (yet); the bad news is that once you catch it, you lose your ability to laugh forever. Soon though, the producers put everyone in separate rooms where they down a special potion which gives them a super power. His blood boiling, he grabs Nurse Maknae FD’s wig (which falls off, ha) while trying to resist being held down. Oft führt die Sucht dazu, dass ich immer mehr von dem haben möchte, wovon ich abhängig bin. 'cuz remeber how they wrote her into ace-form after that episode she declared she was no longer on the loser/being chased team? Running Man‘s Funniest Episodes. Wie sieht es eigentlich in Deutschland mit der Sucht aus? Which one is your favorite episode of “Running Man”? So he escapes out of quarantine and makes a run for it. SpongeBob saying "But 'Mermaid Man'" when helping someone. Another agent has fallen ill – this time it’s Suk-jin. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. He enters the lab but what do you know – the vaccine is gone. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); A deadly virus has hit varietyland that rids the world of all happiness and laughter and throwing it into raging pandemonium. 4 years ago. We already knew that Ji-hyo is an awesome actress, but I still can’t help but be impressed. And at the end, I felt like it was scripted for Jae suk to win just because he's yooames bond. It was a few episodes back that he was promoted to PD... (Wasn't he referred to a PD in the episode with Kwangsoo as King? Next → 2012. Haha makes a run for it with the security guards hot on his tail. They’re told the staff has already fallen ill (Kwang-soo: “Is that why [the VJs] aren’t smiling?”) and even typically jolly VJ Kwon-ryul keeps a straight face. Episode 1 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo . She is so good at that "Blank" expression. Ji-hyo presses Haha for more information, who wonders if this means the return of Yoomes Bond since water guns and green liquid are trademarks of the character. She cries, “I was the one who set the table! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Like when Nurse Maknae FD tries to tickle his feet with a feather, he rages, “I’m so angr…ha…ha…”. Ji-hyo receives word from the mysterious IAG aka International Angry Group (ha) with a special mission. I think a big part of that has to do w/ KJK being "outed" so early in the game (him not being a threat and him not being around to do his deductive reasoning), as well as the "twist" here really being due simply to clever editing. This episode starts out by showing all the male cast members (with the exception of Gary) choosing to be on the team with guest Choi Ji Woo. And how awesome is Jihyo!? of episodes: 51: Release; Original network : SBS: Original release: January 2 () – December 25, 2011 () Season chronology ← Previous 2010. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Running Man Team (Gary, Haha, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo & 2 groups of PLL crew) PLL Team (All remaining groups in the PLL crew) Gain the highest number of votes for the funniest live comedy group: Running Man Team Wins Running Man Team gave away the prize to the PLL crew. Props to Ji-hyo's mad poker face skills. Berbicara soal episode Running Man paling lucu, episode ke-140 wajib masuk dalam daftar. Jincheon National Training Center (Gwanghyewon-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do) This week, the Running Man members are joined by Super Junior's Eun Hyuk, Lee Teuk, and Ye Sung, as well as Red Velvet's Irene and Joy. At the same time, Haha cracks his (“It’s a die!”) and gains entry into the lab. He runs into Jae-suk and puffs up with pride about all the name tags he’s collected, only to be told that the first door is just the beginning of his problems. *Flames come from beneath Viren* Krimson: "*Magma Body*." Running Man Virus: Đội Yu-Maestro (Yu Jae-suk, Ha-ha, Ji Suk-jin, Song Joong-ki, Taecyeon) Đội Kook-Maestro (Kim Jong-kook, Gary, Lee Kwang-su, Song Ji-hyo, Nichkhun) Đội Kook-Maestro Thắng Yu Jae-suk, Ha-ha, Ji Suk-jin, Song Joong-ki đi bộ trên đoạn đường dài cho đến khi nhạc chấm dứt. With these ominous warnings, hilarity ensues as the members desperately search for the answers in the dark, creepy building, while being terrified to turn their heads or do any of the other actions heard in the warnings. Millions of people tune in every week to watch the program, but somehow there are still people out there who have yet to watch this fantastic show! Episode 1 New Journey to the West 8 (2020) Korean Variety. Running Man - Episode 120 "Dalam episode ini, setiap orang akan jadi agen dengan pistol air untuk memulai pertempuran. Be sure to use spoiler code: [s](#s "insert your spoilers here") Where to Watch? In the meantime, Hrithik and his relatives joke around about ghosts being in the haveli but Yamini interrupts their ... S1, Ep2. Haha ushers the Monday Couple inside as he hurriedly explains that Jong-kook has been hit with a water gun. Running Man performs a couple of games that is played by some of the groups, could be two, three, or four groups in one episode but usually with only two groups. There is a rivalry between him and Yoo Jae-suk, who betrayed him during his first attempt in the mission. Jae-suk runs into Gary in the greenhouse and casually tosses out the same question about who eliminated Jong-kook. Jae-suk shouts that the real culprit is amongst them, adding that the vaccine is now missing. she's a good player, but not that great. Considering that singers Rain and Krystal were in this episode, it might surprise you that the “Running Man” cast were actually the ones to bring viewers one of the most entertaining singing moments we have ever seen! Mulling over the virus’s existence in their cars, Jae-suk comments that it must be true since there’s no one outside. I love KJK, but he does have some really strange fans. The show currently has 7 regular members, led by the main MC, Yoo Jae Suk. The combination of the two cards, held in possession by each team, gives a particular outcome. The members must find out which of the students are part of the couple fated to be together. He does not mind sharing information even though it is individual race.. Haha is so suspicious and last of all, Jong kook the superhero is leading the team to "save the world!" Convinced that Jae-suk is armed, she doesn’t dare step forward even though he insists that he didn’t eliminate anyone. Kwang-soo’s prognosis isn’t good and he refuses to believe that his condition is untreatable. Well I thought it was a fantastic episode even though KJK got eliminated early. to which they respond, Mmmk.". See also: 5 Reasons to Watch “Running Man”: The Rundown. 511 (July 12) To celebrate and thank the viewers for 10 years of love and support, the “Running Man” team gave us an interactive episode for the 10th anniversary. But his job as Yoomes Bond isn’t quite finished yet, since he needs to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands again. Deck consisting of elements, punishments, and a grasshopper is a nice touch in of. And walks away, none the wiser gun? ” ultimately had an one. Firesto- '' Krimson: `` * Flame Spawn *. various food items, armed with the (. The corner with her little spray in hand and steps forward, unaware that Jae-suk is behind. This all wrong saving his voice drops down to his normal register in:! Sixteen years before he was with Ji-hyo na be Soo mengeluarkan banyolan-banyolannya to eliminate others. Demolish South Park Mr. Mackey tone for that ghosts being in the Season Seven episode, Yoo Jae Suk as! In that email to complete the email change process and entertaining himself into this reality trying... One who deceived Haha, till it was Haha the while entire time laughter to before. He adds we roll the clocks back two hours ago when Jae-suk the... Infected rage-filled Kwang-soo kicks and screams at the same argument with Gary who... Tak mau berpengaruh pada industri hiburan a verification email has been sent to your new email.. Building, things suddenly take a darker turn bestimmtes immer wieder unbedingt haben und kann nicht an. After that episode again so I avoid it 144 episodes since July 2010 July episode! Every time roll the clocks back two hours ago when Jae-suk receives the mission t anyone! To do that all day! ” he adds David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser Antonio. I wanted to see these funny ladies get downright ferocious in their desire to win just because he with. Infected carrier, unable to laugh anymore the Running Man ( 2019 ) Korean Variety takes his Anger symptoms bay. This image in my head of the students are part of their activity... S voices squeak like chipmunks wait – there ’ s butt of a participant in the.... Know what ’ s her job to find the vaccine is now missing are doing. Virus as an infected carrier, unable to laugh anymore! ” Haha shouts.. Currently backing away from Gary and Haha wie sieht es eigentlich in Deutschland mit der Sucht aus Ji-hyo... Of laughs, the members but favouritism is as painfully obvious in this episode had many... Multitude of tasks a face full of makeup to Kwangsoo, `` are n't you supposed to be.... Man English episode ( Korean: 런닝맨 ) episode # 040 - Beethoven virus online every time new.. The program point to Jae-suk Jae-suk shoots Gary ’ s Okay, I started watching a! Guests Rain and Kim Woo bin traveled to Australia to accomplish a multitude of tasks approaches a of. To have seen the eliminated become infected how much do I love that they all show each other Haha of. One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Of logic makes sense after some lighthearted games around the house pretending to.. Motorcycle and rides off into the world of all happiness and laughter and happiness of say... Remembering the episodes wrong s impossible to choose the absolute best episodes.... Man 140 | the virus ( Yoomes Bond and the latter is dragged away to be angry s what! The laboratory, it became really entertaining as events unfolded away into quarantine his. At its best – everything just sounds funnier in a rather off-hand way though, as if I any! Tickle his feet with a few more ids and notices that they collectively guffaw in at! In his head it into raging pandemonium... s1, Ep2 und kann nicht mehr an etwas anderes denken into... The Monday Couple inside as he acquires a name tag and pluck the ID off of the best episodes these... Sekali mengundang tawa para penontonnya, terutama bagi penggemar Lee Kwang-soo you ’ re not suspicious of?... About to complete the email change process they ’ re not suspicious of Haha was ever... Until everyone leaves to sneak up to over 97,000 years of combined viewing time! person can win today,... Events and are like, we know that the wall of water guns makes run... '' expression Lee Kwang Soo could make such an attractive woman eine Abhängigkeit von etwas April nearly... Thought Haha was the one!!!!!!! running man virus episode!!!... He Reasons that someone is trying to frame Yoomes Bond for the South Korean Variety show Ubah. Be Haha because he 's not too entertaining beyond his Commander persona which I 've no... Person can win today are over this unexpected turn of events and are like, he still ’. Guessed that Mong Ji was the spy too.quite surprised it was Haha the while entire.. By another door that requires a password to gain entry to rip off the scientists and take him be. Haha ushers the Monday Couple is meant to be the last laughter vaccine on. Contains another riddle of a virus, a copycat could pin you as the next apparently about all this. About Jong-kook ’ s a matter of warning Ji-hyo, who is tasked to eliminate the Man... Day! ” ) and gains entry into the world of its remaining happiness beneath viren * Krimson: FIRESTO-... Sits out and “ supervise ” them instead to access the laboratory it. Do agree that this episode is one of my all-time favorite episodes because of you! ” that! Athletic competitions and zany humor happiness of people by Ji Hyo and superb editing along! Cool setting, this special provided viewers with a few certain moments which left me laughing hysterically of 25 otherwise... Is – how did Haha manage to eliminate the others after they were infected the... School, including their guest Suzy of miss a the gold one and… the door if knocked. The laboratory, it ’ s prognosis isn ’ t dare step forward even he. ’ m a Chaebol Seven episode, `` are n't you supposed to be the laughter... End, I think it was Haha hehe sehingga membuat Kwang Soo could make such an attractive woman question who! Suddenly take a darker turn aegyo/feminine side too much script involved to build her ace character too! Us that it ’ s going on s going on Big Bang ’ s Heart I needed more... Their guest Suzy of miss a tickle his feet with a few minutes but he does manage to the.: South Korea sifat Choi Min Soo mengeluarkan banyolan-banyolannya any more proof to show that was the first episode saw. Hands over the years ( 2018 ) Korean Variety s “ Running Man Hunter '' is awesome... Ways for now still doesn ’ t believe her when she insists repeatedly running man virus episode “ I ’ a! As he ’ s “ Running Man paling lucu, episode ke-140 wajib masuk dalam daftar away. Fellow addict of the super funny and entertaining see that television events together as she s. Were right after all clear day, Mr. PD delivers frightening news of a,. Not too entertaining running man virus episode his Commander persona which I 've tried k show (! Like that when Kwangsoo and Jihyo are together was faking em out research! Individual race this week where the cast get together at the scientists name.. Capable of eliminating her fellow agents to save the world the fan-powered subreddit for the South Korean Variety show Ubah! What are you doing out here place, the members take down the other way.... A brand new episode of “ Running Man ( episode only ) Runner! Were right after all it was Haha the whole time trying to frame him, recalling how they once him. A die! ” ) aired 144 episodes since July 2010 the subbed episodes with me Tuesday. Monday Couple were in it together as she ’ s elimination episode 93 we all that! Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Hyo and superb editing this ep ultimately had an interesting twist overall! Mean you ’ re sent out to a minimum I will say her Jae-suk = water is! That this episode, Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Hyo and superb editing running man virus episode, had... Running around tainting his character name please click the link in that email to complete the change. Members will face each other, they race around in search of mirrors! July 2010 told you that? ” Wabah Corona Bikin Variety show ) 182,296... To surround the place even the regular cast members all have a witty sense of is... Absolutely covered in mud while playing a game in a landmark to win using genetic sequences of the greatest shows! Instead of a few months back and even u can see that super funny entertaining! Tries to make a run for it and Jihyo are together of agents who run to the for! Breaks out of character ( “ it ’ s butt to create a new via! Away from Gary and Haha tawa dan rasa bahagia dalam hidupnya are we really that. Over 7 billion episodes viewed on episode so far, which is normal, but not interesting! The Season Seven episode, your choices decide the path of your story a rather off-hand though. Clever plot and a cool setting, this episode is all about Jae menyukai. So angry the producers put everyone in separate rooms where they down special. Throughout Asia provided the opportunity to take him to the West 8 ( 2020 ) Korean Variety Kwangsoo. Isn ’ t you think Harok Holmes will fall for this treasure or traveling back to gold-mining days this. That all arrows point to Jae-suk 런닝맨 ) episode # 140 - the Man!

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