pennsylvania zip code map

ZIP+4 ZIP Code Database Covering every address in the U.S., get the +4 information you need. The map of the first digit of zip codes above shows they are assigned in order from the north east to the west coast. This page shows a map with an overlay of Zip Codes for Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. List of Zip Codes in Philadelphia PA. Search to find the locations of all Philadelphia zip codes on the zip code map above. Key Zip or click on the map.. Advertisement. The first digit of a USA ZIP code generally represents a group of U.S. states. Delaware County, PA zip codes. The first 3 digits of a ZIP code determine the central mail processing facility, also called sectional center facility or "sec center", that is used to process and sort mail. Detailed information on all the Zip Codes of Delaware County. ZIP Code: Classification: City: Population: Timezone: Area Code(s) ZIP Code 19008: General: Broomall: 20,535: Eastern: 610/484: ZIP Code 19010: 2010 Census Database City/State/ZIP Code Associations Find the ZIP Code for an area of a city or town, or the location of a given ZIP Code. Products. Nearest Zip Codes: 18101 - Allentown, PA 18102 - Allentown, PA 18103 - Allentown, PA 18104 - Allentown, PA 18109 - Allentown, PA 18032 - Catasauqua, PA 18052 - Whitehall, PA 18049 - Emmaus, PA 18018 - Bethlehem, PA 18034 - Center Valley, PA 18046 - East Texas, PA 18025 - Bethlehem, PA 18015 - Bethlehem, PA 18036 - Coopersburg, PA … DELAWARE County, PA Covers 49 ZIP Codes. Key Zip or click on the map.. Advertisement. Enter an address and receive the ZIP+4 code. Canadian Postal Code Database Get all Canadian Postal Codes and their information in one easy to use database. Also see: Pennsylvania Area Codes by County ZIP Codes for Cities & Towns - Sorted by County ZIP Code Database Get all US ZIP Codes and their information in one easy to use database. Pa. shuts down 40 restaurants, including in Lehigh Valley, where defiant owners refused to follow closure order Coronavirus MAP: Search Pennsylvania coronavirus cases by ZIP code The Pennsylvania Department of Health on Monday went live with a map showing the concentration of people who have tested positive for coronavirus cases in every ZIP code. Users can easily view the boundaries of each Zip Code and the state as a whole. Of Health Interactive Map Tracks Coronavirus Cases By Zip Code Syndicated Local – CBS Pittsburgh 4/20/2020 Churches key in getting voters to the polls in Georgia runoff ZIP+4 Code Lookup We make it simple. ZIP Codes sorted by Pennsylvania County. Nearest Zip Codes: 17102 - Harrisburg, PA 17121 - Harrisburg, PA 17120 - Harrisburg, PA 17107 - Harrisburg, PA 17105 - Harrisburg, PA 17103 - Harrisburg, PA 17101 - Harrisburg, PA 17104 - Harrisburg, PA 17043 - Lemoyne, PA 17110 - Harrisburg, PA 17177 - Harrisburg, PA 17093 - Summerdale, PA 17109 - Harrisburg, PA 17011 - Camp Hill, PA … Home | Products | Learn About ZIP Codes ... Load County Map.

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